24 players are allocated into 6 pots according to their average coefficient score (see seedings table)
Each pot consists of 4 players with the top 4 seeds allocated into pot 1
Seeds 5 - 8 are in pot 2, seeds 9 - 12 in pot 3, and seeds 13 - 24 positioned into pots 4, 5 & 6
Any additional players after the top 24 seeds and all unseeded players (debutantes) will be allocated into pot 6

The draw begins with pot 1 players drawn from a bowl and positioned alternately into teams A & B
Pots 2 to 6 follow until all the players have been drawn

In the event of an odd number of players to be drawn, the team with the lowest average coefficient total score gets the extra player (see match rules - rule 2). The extra player will be the unseeded player if there is only 1 unseeded player available in the draw
In the event of an even number of unseeded players to be drawn, they shall be positioned into opposite teams

Additional criteria could be included depending on the participants and these will be explained before the draw commences

Line-ups are likely to change on matchday due to non attendees, so players can be moved into opposite teams.
Teams must try to keep an equal number of seeds from each pot wherever possible
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