2019 Match Report
Totem Poldark (561.484) v Magic Hat CC (617.418)
The 23rd Magic Hat cricket match proved to be another great occasion under mostly cloudy skies and warm temperatures. The pitch was dry but a bit cut up and the outfield fairly fast and unforgiving.
Totem won the toss and elected to bat first in this 10 a side match as both sides had no shows in Jack Byrne and Stuart Chapman.

Debutante Nick Franglen opened for Totem with R. Codron, Nick Codron had the ball for the Hat. A couple of quick boundaries followed and Will Pank took the 2nd over. He found it tough early doors to get his rhythm but his 4th ball was hit hard to Nick Codron at cover and was caught brilliantly. Totam 13 for 1 after 2 overs. Totem captain D. Graham came in a he and Richard looked to settle down and keep it tight.
Nick Codron and Will Pank both produced good bowling as the run rate was reduced to a modest 5 an over. Totem now 33 for 1 after 6 overs.
Jordan Katz-Kaye was given the ball to try to stop the pending retirements but 8 off his first over didn't help. Hat captain Peter Codron took the ball and saw a top edge from Graham just go over McIntyre at wicket. More singles and a few boundaries came as Hat found it tough going. Graham eventually reaching retirement and was replaced by Cracknell. Totem now 57 for 1 off 10 overs. Jordan continued with the ball and a fast inswinger caught out Cracknell and he was bowled out to be replaced by D. Rubin. P. Codron had another tight over and then he brought in L. Jones. 5 off his first 3 balls, but then Rubin missed the line and his stumps were hit. Totem now 71 for 3 off 13 overs.
P. Codron gets his wicket
T. Harper entered as he and R. Codron looked to push the score on. N. Codron had his final impressive over but no wickets came. With Harper and R. Codron looking solid, P Codron came back for his final over. On his penultimate ball, a full toss saw R. Codron smash it to square leg, where Jordan was waiting and caught it. Richard was out for 21 and Totem were 86 for 4 after 16 overs. Still an average 5.3 runs per over. In came Will Gleeson to partner Harper. Geffen Kaye and Kimi Cohen has a couple of overs each, but the 2 batsmen pushed to score on quickly with a few boundaries. Suddenly it was advantage Totem with 50 coming off the next 5 overs including a 6 for Gleeson off Jones. Both soon reached retirement and were replaced by McManus and J. Paul. McManus didn't last long as he was cleanly bowled by Geffen for a duck. Totem now 146 for 5 off 22 overs. Nigel Codron and Sean Hyatt had an over each against J. Paul and D. Cohen both giving away 5 runs. Jordan was given the final over and picked up a maiden. It could have been better had P. Codron not dropped a simple catch off Cohen. Totem finished on 153 for 5. Could Magic Hat catch them?
Innings of Totem Poldark:
Nick Franglen Caught N. Codron Bowler W. Pank 12
Richard Codron Caught J. Kaye Bowler P. Codron 21
Dan Graham Retired 25
Ryan Cracknell Bowled J. Kaye 0
David Rubin Bowled L. Jones 1
Thomas Harper Retired 25
Will Gleeson Retired 27
James McManus Bowled G. Kaye 0
Jonny Paul not out 5
Dotan Cohen not out 1
Extras 36
Total 153 for 5 off 25 overs
Innings of Magic Hat CC:
Peter Codron run out J. Paul Bowler J. Paul 28
Rowan McIntyre run out D. Rubin Bowler R. Cracknell 10
Will Pank Retired 34
Nick Codron Bowled N. Franglen 4
Louis Jones Bowled N. Franglen 0
Jordan Kaye caught D. Graham Bowler D. Cohen 20
Geffen Kaye Caught T. Harper Bowler R. Codron 3
Kimi Cohen Caught J. Paul Bowler D. Cohen 1
Sean Myatt Bowled R. Codron 0
Nigel Codron Bowled D. Cohen 0
Extras 16
Total 116 for 9 off 22 overs
Players' matchday coefficient points: (not including loyalty bonus)
Dotan Cohen 104 (MVP), Richard Codron 101, Will Pank 80, Jordan Kaye 80, Will Gleeson 76, Peter Codron 75, Jonny Paul 74, Nick Franglen 72, Daniel Graham 67, Thomas Harper 63, Ryan Cracknell 39, David Rubin 37, Nick Codron 35, Geffen Kaye 30, Rowan McIntyre 25, Louis Jones 23, James McManus 20, Sean Myatt 15, Nigel Codron 15, Kimi Cohen 9
So Magic Hat needed 6.16 runs per over with P. Codron and R. McIntyre opening. The impressive Gleeson had the ball and the opening pair dug in to stop an early wicket. Cracknell had the ball and both openers hit some quick runs and a boundary. Hat were on 26 when Codron decided to take a risky single, Franglen threw to the wicket and Rubin stumped the rushing McIntyre. The Hat's first mistake and the impressive McIntyre was out for 10.

Will Pank came in to steady things with Codron noticbly angry at his poor decision. J. Paul and J. McManus were given a couple of overs each but Pank and Codron started to fire shots all over the field. Hat now 59 for 1 off 9 overs and just ahead of their target. P. Codron reached retirement and was replaced by his cousin Nick. Franglen was given the ball, a wide, a dot and then a 4 to cover got N. Codron off the mark, but then a slower ball caught N. Codron off guard and he was bowled for 4. L. Jones came in a survived good over by Rubin. Franglen came back and his 2nd ball saw Jones move away from his wicket and completely mistime his shot and he was bowled for a duck. Hat now 73 for 3 off 12 overs and still on target.
Jordan Kaye came in to partner Pank as Graham and Gleeson took the ball. 3 overs later and just 8 runs had been added although this also coincided with Pank reaching retirement. Geffen came in to partner his brother. How proud the umpire must have been to see his 2 sons out there together! Dotan Cohen was given the ball and Hat knew they had to kick on. Jordan smashed a 6 and then a 4 to rapturous applause from his team mates. Then perhaps taking his eye off the ball going for another big hit, he skied it to D. Graham who took the relatively easy catch. J. Kaye was out for 20 and Hat now were 103 for off 16. so 51 to win off 7 overs, certainly possible but Hat only had tail enders to support G. Kaye. Next over he was out though as his lobbed shot off R. Codron went straight to Harper at cover and he caught it one handed. Kimi Cohen and Sean Myatt were at the crease an both looked nervous. Dotan's next over produced 2 more wickets. His son first caught by Jonny Paul and Nigel Codron who only survived 2 balls was bowled.
So P. Codron and W. Pank came back in for the last stand. Hat were in trouble 105 for 8 with 6 overs left. Gleeson came back for his final over and only a single came from it. Pank and Codron picked up the run rate with a few singles and the odd boundary during the next couple of overs but it was always looking like a tall order. Going into over 23, they needed 37 runs to win. Jonny Paul had the ball and Pank hit a lovely ground stroke and called to run, only for Jonny to stop the ball with his outstretched hand. Pank shouted No, No, but P. Codron couldn't get back in time and he was run out. Magic Hat were all out for 116 with 17 balls remaining.
A great match it was although it didn't go down to the wire. Totem deserved their victory which was helped by a great middle order partnership by Harper and Gleeson. Hat captain Codron was left disappointed and rues their bowling errors with 36 extras. "Perhaps it might have been closer had we not given them 24 wides and my error calling to run for Rowan's wicket was not good at all" he said.
Dotan Cohen won this years' MVP award with his impressive 3 wickets. He said afterwards " It was a 20 year plan after landing at Gatwick in 1996. I am humbled by the occasion although I will never quite understand this cultural ritual. I thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Well done to Dotan and to everyone who made this match another great occasion - roll on 2020!