1. One innings of 25 overs per side (20 overs if 8 players per side or less)
  2. If a team has an extra player, the other teams' 1st man out gets another innings after all other players have batted and before any retired players return
  3. No additional players can take part in the match once the 1st batting innings has finished unless an active player has to leave early (a batsman who is already out is considered inactive, unless the extra player rule applies)
4. If the scores finish level the team who loses fewest wickets or if equal then has the highest run rate wins the match.
  1. All batsmen retire upon reaching 25 runs but, in retirement order, can resume their innings after all other players have batted
  2. No LBW - but failing to play a shot after 3 consecutive balls is given out
  3. Every player (except wicket keeper) must bowl at least 1 over but no more than 4 overs
  4. Wicket keeper can bowl but his position is replaced by a player who cannot bowl again
  5. Maximum of 4 wides per over (max over is 10 balls)
  6. Match begins by a coin toss with the successful captian deciding whether to bat or field first
  7. All batsmen have to wear a helmet
  8. All players must be at least 13 years old
Match Rules