2018 Match Report
Chick n' Pocket (600.051) v Magic Hat CC (618.191) * The extra player rule was enforced
The 22nd Magic Hat cricket match proved to be another tight affair under cloudy skies (thankfully) and hot temperatures. The pitch was very dry and the outfield fast and unforgiving.
Chick n' Pocket's (CNP) captain Ryan Cracknell won the toss and elected to bat first. 2 CNP players failed to show up, so they had the extra player rule enforced.

CNP opened with Jordan Kaye and Cracknell with Gleeson given the ball. 4 off the first over. Louis Jones had the ball for the 2nd over and on his first delivery bowled J. Kaye for 2, although Jordan would make up for it later as he would come back as the extra player. Jack Byrne came in and he and Cracknell moved the score onto 14 before Byrne was bowled by Gleeson. CNP now 15 for 2 after 3 overs. Top seed Paul Kaye came in to steady the ship after Magic Hat's (MH) positive start. Geffen Kaye had the ball and Cracknell hit him for 4, but 2 balls later bowled him for 16. In came Richard Codron as the 2 top seeds tried to put on a good stand. Dale Knight and Dan Graham both tried to get the prize wickets, but CNP stood firm and pushed the score on quickly to 79 for 3 off 11 overs. Impressive Kaye soon reached retirement and was replaced by Adie Hardy. R Codron was also looking solid and was edging towards retirement and at 7 runs an over, CNP were in a strong position. James McManus and Nigel Codron had a couple of expensive overs as R Codron who was dropped by Harper on 10, reached 26 and retirement. In came Dotan Cohen to partner Hardy. Peter Codron took the ball for a couple of overs as Dotan's heel kept the ball from hitting the stumps. A few runs were added then Nigel Codron made the breakthrough as Hardy's clipped shot flew into the hands of Dale Knight. CNP now 100 for 4.

In came K Cohen as Jon Glazer was given the nod by Peter to bowl. An incredible over saw Kimi caught behind by Rubin to be quickly followed by J Holder also bowled for a duck. Dotan was still there picking up the odd run and now had debutante Adam Lawrence to face Jonny Paul. His first ball teased Lawrence into a lofted shot to find Harper at mid wicket and he was out for a golden duck. Jonny Glassberg entered the crease and survived his first ball, but not the 2nd as he was bowled by J. Paul. The run rate had slowed, 5 wickets had fallen and Magic Hat were now in the ascendancy. CNP now 112 for 8 off 19 overs. T Marshall came in to partner D Cohen and some quick singles were added to the total before J. Paul picked up his 3rd wicket of Dotan, caught and bowled for 7. Back came Jordan as the last man and he knew he needed to score some quick runs as he pushed the score onto 133. P Codron went in as wicket keeper and D Rubin had the ball for the penultimate over. His first ball bowled Marshall out and so Paul Kaye returned to partner his eldest son for the final 11 balls. 13 more were added to leave CNP at a very respectable 150 for 10 off 25 overs.
Jonny Paul 123 (MVP), Richard Codron 75, Ryan Cracknell 68, Thomas Harper 68, David Rubin 63, Jon Glazer 61, Peter Codron 58, Dale Knight 54, Paul Kaye 49, Jordan Kaye 49, Geffen Kaye 47, Louis Jones 46, Will Gleeson 45, Kimi Cohen 38, Julian Holder 31, Nigel Codron 28, Dan Graham 25, Adie Hardy 17, Stuart Chapman 17, Jack Byrne 16, Dotan Cohen 15, James McManus 13, Tommy Marshall 10, Jonny Glassberg 8, Adam Lawrence 8.
Players' matchday coefficient points: (not including loyalty bonus points)
So a run a ball was the target for Magic Hat as Gleeson and Harper opened. Cracknell had the ball and on his 4th delivery bowled Gleeson for 2. In came D. Knight and formed a solid partnership with Harper as Hardy, Glassberg and J. Kaye failed to make a breakthrough. MH now 42 for 1 off 8 overs. CNP needed to gets wickets fast, so P Kaye had the ball only to see Knight smash him for 6. After their positive start, CNP were looking a bit dispirited. Harper soon reached retirement and was replaced by Rubin. As Knight was on the cusp of retirement, the impressive K. Cohen teased him into a big shot when on 24, but the ball hit off stump and he was out. D. Graham came in and scored 19 quickly including the 5000th run of all time, before a big shot to cover was brilliantly caught by R. Codron. MH now 89 for 3 off 15 overs. P. Codron came in to partner Rubin but soon after J Holder was given the ball, a top edge was caught behind by Gleeson, who had replaced early leaver Glassberg, and Rubin was out for 15. J. Paul came in and hit a boundary, but when J. Kaye was given his 3rd over, he bowled Paul for 4. Magic Hat now 124 for 5 with 5 overs left.

Louis Jones came in to partner P. Codron and both players looked comfortable. Codron hit a big powerful shot which D. Cohen couldn't hold onto, but then with R. Codron bowling, a mix up occurred when P. Codron hit a low shot to point where P. Kaye collected the ball. P. Codron called wait but Jones was already on the move and shouted run - Codron didn't and R. Codron was waiting at the stumps to run out Jones for 14. G. Kaye came in at number 9 as MH were now on 131 for 6. Needing 20 to win off 4 overs, MH were on course, but a very timely maiden by K. Cohen turned the advantage back to CNP. Peter Codron and G. Kaye were playing sensibly and picking up singles and the occasional boundary off Hardy and K. Cohen. So we reached the final over as P. Kaye was given the honour to bowl the 1000th over of all time. Needing 6 to win, Magic Hat were on the verge of victory. P. Codron now on 21 wanted retirement too, but a dot ball was only followed by a single. Geffen hit another single and MH now needed 4 off 3 balls. A full toss by Kaye saw Codron smash a shot to fine leg and he and Geffen ran 3. Codron reached retirement as they matched CNP's score. N. Codron came in for the final 2 balls as G. Kaye was on strike. 1 to win for MH. A slower delivery teased Geffen but his tidy stroke to mid wicket won the match with a ball to spare. Magic Hat finished on 151 for 6 off 24.5 overs.
Another incredible match ended with Magic Hat winning by 6 wickets, although it was much closer than that! The commitment showed by all was to be applauded.
Jonny Paul won this years MVP award for his 3 wickets, R. Codron scored the most points for CNP with 75 and the biggest seed movers were Kimi Cohen up 30 places to 34 and Will Gleeson up 27 places to 24. 8 players remained at their current seeding position whilst P. Codron, D. Graham and L. Jones all dropped a place. Team coefficient points scored were 648 for Magic Hat and 384 for Chick n' Pocket. If they play next year, the following players are due their loyalty bonus: Jordan Kaye, Geffen Kaye, Marcus Bechal, Adie Hardy, Stuart Chapman and Neil Franklin.
Innings of Chick n' Pocket CC:
Jordan Kaye Bowled L. Jones 2
Ryan Cracknell Bowled G. Kaye 16
Jack Byrne Bowled W. Gleeson 5
Paul Kaye Retired 38
Richard Codron Retired 26
Adie Hardy Caught D. Knight Bowler N. Codron 7
Dotan Cohen Caught & Bowled J. Paul 7
Kimi Cohen Caught D. Rubin Bowler J. Glazer 0
Julian Holder Bowled J. Glazer 0
Adam Lawrence Caught T. Harper Bowler J. Paul 0
Jonny Glassberg Bowled J. Paul 0
Tommy Marshall Bowled D. Rubin 5
Jordan Kaye (EP) not out 24
Extras 20
Total 150 for 10 off 25 overs
Innings of Magic Hat CC:
Will Gleeson Bowled R. Cracknell 2
Thomas Harper Retired 25
Dale Knight Bowled K. Cohen 24
David Rubin Caught W. Gleeson Bowler J. Holder 15
Daniel Graham Caught R. Codron Bowler R. Cracknell 19
Peter Codron Retired 25
Jonny Paul Bowled J. Kaye 4
Louis Jones Run out R. Codron Bowler R. Codron 14
Geffen Kaye not out 8
Nigel Codron not out 0
Extras 15
Total 151 for 6 off 24.5 overs

S. Chapman, J. Glazer & J. McManus did not bat