2017 Match Report
Magic Hat CC (447.171) v The Banjos (430.6)
Another year and another fantastic match between Magic Hat and The Banjos. The weather was beautiful with a light breeze and sunny to start but a little cloudy later on. High 24c. The pitch was dry and fast. Magic Hat won the toss and elected to bat first in this 9 a side 25 overs match.

Captain Peter Codron and Richard Codron opened for the Hat, with Jordan Kaye and Ryan Cracknell opening the bowling for The Banjos. The Codron brothers looked solid and started to notch up the runs with some quick singles and a few boundaries. Peter Codron survived scare when he was dropped by Graham on 3, but the Hat pushed on to reach 28 without loss after 4 overs. Then the breakthough as Richard Codron caught an inside edge off Jordan Kaye and the ball flew onto his off strump and he was gone for 12. His elder brother Nigel came in to bat. The next over, a change of bowler saw Geffen Kaye handed the responsibilty and his first ball looped high directly towards Peter's head, he had no option but to try a hook shot but saw the ball fly high to Jordan at mid on and he was out for 13. Geffen went on to collect a wicket maiden. Dale Knght came to the crease with an injured Tommy Marshall bowling a few wides. Then in the 8th over, Geffen bowled a short delivery which Dale missed. Will Gleeson at wicket keeper also missed the ball and Nigel called to run. His pace let him down though as Gleeson hit the wicket with a fine throw and Nigel was run out for a duck. Hat now 41 for 3.

David Rubin entered as the Hat hoped for a solid partnership with Dale Knight. Adam Cutts had the ball. A few singles and a wide pushed the score onto 47, but then Rubin mistimed his shot and the ball flew into Geffen's hands and he was out for 3. Debutante Jack Byrne entered to face Cutts picking up 2 runs. The ball was handed to Thomas Harper. Hat batted solidly pushing the score onto 62 for 4 off 12 overs. James McManus bowled an expensive over and Will Gleeson showed off his bowling skills with 2 overs for 2 runs, then McManus found his line and bowled Byrne for 12. Hat now 79 for 5 off 15 overs. In came Dotan Cohen to partner birthday boy Knight, who soon reached retirement. Dotan's son Kimi came in and Dan Graham took the ball. On his 2nd delivery debutante Kimi saw his off stump hit. In came Julian Holder as Geffen was handed the ball again and took his chance to collect a 3 wicket bonus and he did when Holder mistimed his shot and was bowled for 3. Hat were now in trouble at 84 for 7 off 18 overs. Knight returned to partner Dotan and Hat captain hoped he would push the score onwards with 6 overs remaining. Dan Graham saw his 3rd delivery smashed for 4, but perhaps Dale was too rash as 2 balls later he went for another big hit, only to miss the ball and see his stumps fly. Magic Hat all out for 88 from 19 overs. A pretty low total for The Banjos to chase and they were feeling confident.
So a modest 89 was required by The Banjos and Magic Hat had to keep it tight to stand a chance. Jordan Kaye and Adam Cutts opened for Banjos with Rubin and Richard Codron with the ball. A single off the first ball and then an amazing catch on his third delivery when Rubin dived low in front of the stumps to catch out Adam Cutts with one of the best one handers we've ever seen. It gave hope to the Hat. Ryan Cracknell came in as he and Jordan put on 10 runs in the next two overs, then Richard Codron presented Ryan with a teaser and he hit it straight back into Codron's hands and Ryan was out for 7. Banjos now 12 for 2 off 4 overs. In came Thomas Harper and he and Jordan tried to steady the ship but Rubin was still causing trouble with the ball. In the 7th over Rubin delivered an outswinger and Jordan went for a cut to cover but only managed a top edge and Peter Codron caught him behind for 8. Could the Hat really pull this off with Banjos looking nervous on 24 for 3?

In came captain Graham who looked fairly comfortable and formed a solid partnership with Harper. Hat changed the bowling to Nigel Codron and Dale Knight who both kept runs to a minimum with some nice balls and excellent fielding by Dotan Cohen. With Graham now on 16 and Harper on his way to retirement Hat needed another wicket and it came when Peter Codron's pacey delivery forced Graham to mistime his shot and ball rolled up his bat and glove high into Rubin's gloves at wicket keeper and Dan was gone for 16. Banjos now 51 for 4 off 15 overs. In came Geffen Kaye looking to impress with the willow after his amazing bowling earlier. Harper meanwhile had been very stealthmanlike as he quietly notched up the 26 runs to retirement as Will Gleeson came to the crease. Peter Codron offered Jack Byrne and Dotan Cohen the ball and both gave the batmen a hard few overs but Banjos kept edging nearer to their goal of 89. Then Dotan's inswinger forced Geffen to hit straight to Byrne and he held on at square leg, Geffen was out for 7 and Banjos now were 79 for 5 with 4 overs left. James McManus entered as Kimi Cohen took the ball who impressed with his ability and helped keep the score down. On his fifth delivery McManus cut his shot to Holder at point and despite a bit of fumbling he held on and James was out for a duck. With the pressure back on, Tommy Marshall entered with just 8 runs required and 3 overs left. Peter Codron came back for his final over against the impressive Gleeson and kept the runs scored down to 3. Kimi came in again and supplied a great over conceding just 2 runs, but the inevitable victory was in sight for The Banjos and it duly arrived on the first ball of the final over with the injured Holder having to bowl underarm to Gleeson and he hit the winning boundary. A great game and surprisingly tight finish to the match considering the low total Magic Hat set, but The Banjos deserved their victory by 2 wickets.
Innings of Magic Hat CC

Richard Codron bowled J Kaye 12
Peter Codron caught J Kaye bowler G Kaye 13
Nigel Codron run out W Gleeson bowler G Kaye 0
Dale Knight bowled D Graham 30
David Rubin caught G Kaye bowler A Cutts 3
Jack Byrne bowled J McManus 12
Dotan Cohen not out 4
Kimi Cohen bowled D Graham 0
Julian Holder bowled G Kaye 2
Extras 16
Total 88 for 8 off 19 overs
Innings of The Banjos

Jordan Kaye caught P Codron bowler D Rubin 8
Adam Cutts caught & bowled D Rubin 0
Ryan Cracknell caught & bowled R Codron 7
Thomas Harper retired 26
Dan Graham caught D Rubin bowler P Codron 16
Geffen Kaye caught J Byrne bowler D Cohen 7
Will Gleeson not out 11
J McManus caught J Holder bowler K Cohen 0
Tommy Marshall not out 1
Extras 13
Total 89 for 6 off 24 overs
Some great individual performances helped a chosen few to shoot up the seedings table. Notably Geffen Kaye who's MVP performance earned 130 pts and moved him up 34 places in the seedings table to 17th. Dale Knight was also a big mover up 23 places to 22nd. Magic Hat picked up 420 pts including 50 loyalty bonus points and The Banjos scored 500 pts including 25 loyalty points. David Rubin was Magic Hat's top player with 78 pts.

101 different players have now played Magic Hat cricket over 21 matches bowling 950 overs. Peter Codron has now taken 15 catches and Dan Graham becomes the 3rd player to take 20 wickets. Geffen Kaye's 3 wicket innings puts him into the elite 15 to have done the same. It was the first time in 6 years that the team batting 2nd won. Should they play in next year's match, Dan Graham, David Rubin, Marcus Bechal, Thomas Harper, Julian Holder, Jonny Paul and Neil Franklin are all due 25 loyalty bonus points.
Match Awards & Stats review
Geffen Kaye 130, David Rubin 78, Dan Graham 75, Dotan Cohen 65, Jordan Kaye 56, Adam Cutts 54, Peter Codron 53, Dale Knight 52, Thomas Harper 52, Will Gleeson 51, Richard Codron 46, Nigel Codron 38, Kimi Cohen 34, Jack Byrne 33, James McManus 32,
Tommy Marshall 26, Ryan Cracknell 24, Julian Holder 21.
Players' matchday coefficient points: