2016 Match Report
Coefficient Hunters (499.4 pts) v Magic Hat CC (449 pts)
On the 25th anniversary of the first ever match, the 2016 game proved to be a classic. On a generally slow wicket under overcast and humid skies, Coefficient Hunters (CH) won the toss and elected to bat first. Richard Codron and Jordan Kaye opened the batting with Pat Davies and Ryan Cracknell starting with the ball. Magic Hat made good progress with 2 tight opening overs giving away just 7 runs. On the 3rd over, Richard and Jordan went for a quick single only for Richard to be run out. However the 3rd umpire ruled to the benefit of the batsman and Richard survived. Pat Davies proved his worth with 4 tight overs and Cracknell was also keeping it tight. Richard and Jordan continued to keep the runs ticking over albeit at a slow run rate. James McManus and Adam Cutts took over with the ball and still CH were making slow progress, now 40 for 0 after 11 overs. Richard and Jordan both held their nerve to reach retirement with Sean Myatt and Louis Jones coming into bat. Dan Graham and Thomas Harper both had a couple of overs without success but still CH were not racking up the runs. Geffen Kaye came into bowl and his 4th delivery deceived Sean Myatt seeing his off stump hit and Geffen had his first ever wicket. CH now 44 for 1 off 13 overs. In came Will Pank.

Adam Cutts was keeping it tight with 2 good overs and Geffen had a difficult chance to catch Will but was dropped. Louis Jones was still there knocking up the runs as he headed towards retirement. Jon Glazer came in with an over and gave away 11, Peter Codron also had an over giving away 6 runs. Dale Knight had a good debut over as Jon Glazer dropped Will again. CH now 89 for 1 off 20 overs. Louis reached retirement and was replaced by debutante Luke Pank (son of Will). Peter Codron not looking his usual self bowled another expensive over. Thomas Harper had the ball as the innings was coming to an end and finally Will Pank was caught by Dale Knight at cover for 15. Dave Rubin came in for the last couple of overs. Luke Pank looked comfortable at the crease with some lovely drives and quickly moved the score on. So the final over arrived and captain Peter Codron decided to have another over. It proved to be a possible turning point in the match as he gave away 14 runs and Coefficient Hunters finished on 123 for 2 off 25 overs. Still a very reachable target for Magic Hat though.

As Magic Hat (MH) took to the crease the sun had come out and it was getting very warm. Ryan Cracknell and Adam Cutts opened for MH. Jordan opened with the ball with an impressive maiden. Louis Jones had the ball and teased Cutts with an outswinger and he top-edged it to Stuart Chapman at wicket keeper, caught with a flying catch. MH now 0 for 1 off 2 overs.
Thomas Harper came into bat and after another tight over from Jordan, Louis Jones bowled Harper for 2. MH now 4 for 2. Luke Pank had the ball as Pat Davies came into bat to rescue MH. A few boundaries pushed to score on. Jordan had the ball again and his delivery mislead Cracknell and he was bowled for 2. Hat struggling at 18 for 3 off 5 overs. In came Dan Graham to partner Davies as Hat needed both of them to score quickly. Dan hit 3 boundaries off Jordan to push the score on nicely.
Awards & Review: Louis Jones was MVP with an impressive 25 runs, 3 wickets and 151 points. Jordan Kaye was 2nd overall with 80 pts. Richard Codron lost his top seed status to Paul Kaye after only scoring 44 points. Dan Graham, Pat Davies and Jon Glazer stayed in the same seed placings, while Geffen Kaye was the biggest mover up 41 places to 51st. Despite his poor performance Peter Codron moved up 2 places thanks to the new loyalty bonus which came into effect after the match. David Rubin, Adie Hardy, Ryan Cracknell, Adam Cutts and Thomas Harper dropped places. Debutantes Luke Pank and Dale Knight enter at 53rd and 55th respectively. Amazingly no one scored negative coefficients and despite not batting or bowling, Jonny Glassberg scored 20pts for turning up, taking Dan to hospital and being on the winning side. If they play next year; Dotan Cohen, Nigel Codron, Jonny Paul, Adam Cutts, Neil Franklin and Marcus Bechal will all get 25 loyalty bonus points.
Then came another game changer. A fairly fast delivery by Luke Pank pitched up and Dan Graham went for the square hook.
As in 2004, he got a top edge and the ball smashed up into Dan's forehead just above his right eye. As the blood poured, he went off to hospital for stitches and he retired hurt on 14. A major blow to Dan and his team. James McManus came in as Richard Codron and David Rubin has a couple of overs. McManus and Davies continued to push the score on. MH now 59 for 3 off 11 overs. Pat Davies continued to score well and soon reached retirement. In came Jon Glazer. McManus looking good on 16 then pitched one up to Luke Pank and he was caught from Rubin's ball. Geffen Kaye came in to partner Glazer.

Adie Hardy and Will Pank had the ball as MH struggled to score runs. Neil Franklin was given the ball and on his 2nd delivery Glazer turned to hit the ball behind him only to see the stumps fly and he was gone for 3. Cutlip came in to partner Geffen. Still runs proved difficult to find with just 4 added in the next 2 overs. Sean Myatt had the ball and teased Cutlip into a drive to mid wicket where Will Pank dived to catch her out. MH now 84 for 6 off 17 overs needing 40 off the final 8 overs.
In came Dale Knight to beef up the attack and duly added a few runs and a boundary before Geffen finally succumbed to Louis Jones for his 3rd wicket of the innings. Hat now 96 for 7 off 21 overs. Captain Peter Codron came in as no.11 and quickly started to make runs and boundaries forming a good partnership with Knight. After letting his team down with his bowling, Peter pushed the score onto 112 for 7 off 24 overs. Luke Pank came in to bowl the final over. Just 1 run off his first 2 balls, then a boundary, then a quick single which became 4 after an overthrow. His penulatmate ball pitched up again and Codron ducked out of the way. So with 1 ball remaining MH needed 3 to win. Another fast ball went for a bye, but Knight and Codron could only run 2. So the scores amazingly finished level on 123 for 7 off 25 overs with Coefficient Hunters winning by virtue of taking more wickets. An honourable draw for all concerned, but Magic Hat will rue their errors and a bit of bad luck!
Innings of Coefficient Hunters

Richard Codron retired 25
Jordan Kaye retired 25
Sean Myatt bowled G Kaye 0
Louis Jones retired 25
Will Pank caught D Knight bowler T Harper 15
Luke Pank not out 20
David Rubin not out 0
Extras 13
Total 123 for 2 off 25 overs
Innings of Magic Hat CC

Ryan Cracknell bowled J Kaye 2
Adam Cutts caught S Chapman bowler L Jones 0
Thomas Harper bowled L Jones 2
Pat Davies retired 27
Dan Graham retired hurt 14
James McManus caught L Pank bowler D Rubin 16
Jon Glazer bowled N Franklin 3
Geffen Kaye bowled L Jones 1
Kristen Cutlip caught W Pank bowler S Myatt 3
Dale Knight not out 13
Peter Codron not out 16
Extras 27
Total 123 for 7 off 25 overs