2015 Match Report
Magic Hat CC (332.4) V Sri Lankan All Stars (344.5)
Another year goes by and we had a fantastic match between Magic Hat and the Sri Lankan All Stars. The weather was beautiful with a fairly strong westerly breeze, low humidity and sunny 25c. The pitch was dry and fast. Magic Hat won the toss and elected to bat first in this 10 a side 25 overs match.

Captain Peter Codron and Dan Graham opened for the Hat, with Nick Codron and Ryan Cracknell opening the bowling for the All Stars. Codron and Graham looked solid and started to notch up the runs with some quick running and fine boundaries. Both players reaching personal milestones of 300 and 400 all time runs respectively. The run rate was just over 5 as MH reached 32 off 6 overs. Paul Kaye came into bowl looking for his first wicket since 2010. He kept things tight but no real chances came. P Codron looked impressive and duly reached 26 and retirement. He was replaced by Pat Davies with the score on 42.

Last years' MVP Adie Hardy, tried his luck with the ball but gave away 10 off his first over as Davies looked to build on a solid start. Then with the score on 54 the first breakthough came when Dan Graham misjudged an inswinger and he was bowled by Hardy for 20. In came Louis Jones. Paul Kaye still finding good line but Hat still knocking up the runs. Cracknell came back in and his change of pace deceived Jones and he was bowled for 2. Hat now 70 for 2. Thomas Harper came in to partner Davies, and they continued to pile on the runs with Julian Holder and James McManus on the receiving end, 33 off 3 overs. Davies soon reached retirement and was replaced by Bob Medina. Debutante Geffen Kaye was given the ball and he produced some good balls with 8 coming off his over. Hat reached 100 for 2 off 18 overs and now looked to be in a strong position. Medina scoring a couple of boundaries and partner Harper looking very positive. After Paul Kaye had finished his 4 overs without success he decided to replace wicket keeper Jordan Kaye, who was given the ball. The change worked!
An extraordinary over saw Bob Medina bowled for 11, Neil Franklin bowled for a duck and Nigel Codron caught by McManus at point for 0 to complete a triple wicket maiden. He follows in the footsteps of the only other 3 wicket maidens completed by Marcus Grant in 2010 and Ryan Cracknell a year later. Magic Hat now 109 for 5 with 6 overs remaining. The All Stars suddenly felt back in contention. David Rubin came in to partner Harper. Dotan Cohen and Jon Glazer had an over each giving away 18 runs as the impressive Rubin quickly added to the total and Harper reached retirement. Jonny Paul came in as last man, but Rubin continued to dominate and he too reached retirement. Peter Codron came back for the last couple of overs and scored a quick 6 with Jonny Paul running for 3 singles. The innings ended with a record high score of 165 for 5 off 25 overs with 4 players reaching retirement . A big total to chase for the All Stars, with Jordan's 3 overs 1 maiden 6 runs for 3 wickets the highlight with the ball.
Sri Lankan All Stars needing 6.6 runs per over opened with Cracknell and Jordan Kaye. Pat Davies opened with the ball. A solid start with both J Kaye and Cracknell finding their touch. Bob Medina had the ball to partner Davies, but neither could find a breakthrough as the All Stars reached 29 off the first 4 overs. Peter Codron came in for the 6th over and his forth delivery deceived Jordan Kaye and he was bowled for 21. Pat Davies continued to keep things tight, but Nick Codron formed a good partnership with Cracknell as Dan Graham had a few overs. The run rate was still pretty good when Cracknell reached retirement and was replaced by McManus. Nigel Codron and Louis Jones were given the ball, but Nick Codron and McManus stood firm and took the score to 94 until Jones took out off stump and McManus was out for 16.

Top seed Paul Kaye came in to partner Nick Codron and a few more runs were added. Thomas Harper produced a couple of tight overs, then Peter Codron came back to finish his allotted overs and on the 4th ball saw a slow paced low bouncer catch P Kaye out and he was gone for 1. All Stars now 98 for 3. Geffen Kaye came in the partner Nick Codron who soon reached retirement. Hardy came in and started to bump up the run rate which was now down to under 4. Dave Rubin produced a couple of maiden overs as the All Stars tried to force some runs. Geffen Kaye looking comfortable on his debut picking up singles and Hardy going for boundaries but couldn't connect enough times as the innings started to slow. Hardy did push on the score with 22, but with 1 over left they needed 40 runs to win and that was that. All Stars finished on 129 for 3.
Innings of Magic Hat CC

Peter Codron retired 32
Dan Graham bowled A Hardy 20
Pat Davies retired 26
Louis Jones bowled R Cracknell 2
Thomas Harper retired 28
Robert Medina bowled J Kaye 11
Neil Franklin bowled J Kaye 0
Nigel Codron caught McManus bowler J Kaye 0
David Rubin retired 27
Jonny Paul not out 3
Extras 15
Total 165 for 5 off 25 overs
Innings of Sri Lankan All Stars

Ryan Cracknell retired 25
Jordan Kaye bowled P Codron 21
Nick Codron retired 25
James McManus bowled L Jones 16
Paul Kaye bowled P Codron 1
Geffen Kaye not out 7
Adie Hardy not out 22
J Holder, J Glazer & D Cohen did not bat
Extras 12
Total 129 for 3 off 25 overs
Some great individual performances helped a chosen few to shoot up the seedings table. Notably David Rubin (74pts) up 30 places to 9th, Thomas Harper (50pts) up 47 places and Neil Franklin up 7 places. All the other 17 players had no change or dropped places. Jordan Kaye was MVP with 121pts followed by Peter Codron with 88pts. In total Magic Hat racked up 345pts and Sri Lanka 230pts. No players on Magic Hat finished with negative points. Julian Holder was at the bottom with -14pts and Dotan Cohen dropped 6 places (although neither player batted). Peter Codron became only the 2nd player to reach 1000 points in total after Dan Graham. Jordan Kaye and Pat Davies reached 100 runs and Robert Medina hit his top score of 11. Louis Jones' wicket of James McManus was the 250th wicket of all time.

Out of the 96 players, the top 37 now have a better than average coefficient score of 21.3pts. Magic Hat's total of 165 was the highest scored on Hampstead Heath. The first ever match in 1991 played at Hendon saw Saturday Strollers score 168 (although this was a 6 a side match).The team batting first has now won 8 out of the last 10 matches. The highest winning score by a team batting 2nd is 140 (Magic Hat in 2009).
Match Awards & Stats review
Jordan Kaye 121, Peter Codron 88, David Rubin 74, Ryan Cracknell 51, Thomas Harper 50, Pat Davies 45, Nick Codron 35, Adie Hardy 32, Dan Graham 27, Louis Jones 20, James McManus 17, Jonny Paul 17, Neil Franklin 10, Robert Medina 10, Nigel Codron 4, Paul Kaye 2, Geffen Kaye -1, Dotan Cohen -5, Jonathan Glazer -8, Julian Holder -14.
Players' matchday coefficient points: