Magic Hat (370.2 pts) v Crooked Bat (401.4 pts) *The extra player rule was enforced

Another fantastic day of cricket was to be had by all after this 18th annual match. The overcast warm and humid weather conditions did not deter the players and after waiting for a few late arrivals the game eventually started at 2.25pm. Magic Hat captain Peter Codron and Crooked Bat captain Rowan McIntyre shook hands with Codron winning the toss and batting first. The pitch was dry and fast with a slow outfield.

Richard Codron and his son Nick opened for Magic Hat with Paul Kaye and Julian Holder with the ball. Steady progress was made with both Codrons looking fairly comfortable. 14 came off the first 3 overs, then Holder on his 5th ball tempted Nick Codron to play a mid high shot, he nicked a top edge that flew straight into Jordan Kaye's gloves at wicket keeper and Hat were 16 for 1 with Nick out for 8. The next over, drama followed when Cracknell bowled his first ball to Richard Codron who hit a fine shot to mid wicket, but McIntyre had other ideas and flew to his left and brilliantly caught the ball with one hand and Codron was out for 6. Hat now 16 for 2.

Peter Codron and Daniel Graham were now at the crease as Crooked Bat tried to continue their good start, but the 2 experienced batsmen looked steady with some fine boundaries and they moved the score on quickly. McIntyre and Cracknell both giving away runs. Paul Kaye had another over but failed to make in roads. Adie Hardy was brought on with the ball and the change soon paid off as he bowled Graham for 17. Louis Jones came in to partner Peter Codron who was putting on a good score and during Thomas Harpers couple of overs, Codron reached the promised land of retirement with 28. Hardy was still looking strong with the ball as Will Farrell came in and looked good on his debut. Hat now well into the 80's. Sean Myatt had a quick over giving away 8 runs, then Marcus Bechal making his first appearance since 2005 soon tempted Jones into a sweep to mid wicket where Nick Codron (on as a replacement) caught his team mate and Hat were 88 for 4.

David Randall, another debutant joined Farrell and they took the score to over 100. Nigel Codron came in to bowl a tight over with Paul Kaye replacing Jordan at wicket keeper. On Nigel's 2nd over another top edge flew into Paul Kaye's gloves and Farrell was out for 13. Hat now 104 for 5 after 20 overs. Hardy came back to bowl against Jonny Paul and bowled him for 4. David Rubin came in and walked back after facing his first ball also clean bowled by Hardy, now on a hat-trick. Hat now 120 for 7 with 2 overs left. Dotan Cohen came in and survived, but next over was caught by Cracknell for 0 and Nigel Codron had his 2nd wicket. Nick Codron came back in as the extra player to join Randall and they picked up 4 more runs to end the innings on 124 for 8.

Innings of Magic Hat CC - 124 for 8 off 25 overs

R Codron Caught McIntyre R Cracknell 6
Nick Codron Caught J Kaye J Holder 8
P Codron Retired   28
D Graham Bowled A Hardy 17
L Jones Caught Nick Codron M Bechal 10
W Farrell Caught P Kaye Nigel Codron 13
D Randall not out   19
J Paul Bowled A Hardy 5
D Rubin Bowled A Hardy 0
D Cohen Caught Cracknell Nigel Codron 0
Nick Codron (EP)* not out   3
Extras     15
Total     124


Chasing a reasonable score of 125 to win, Crooked Bat opened with Jordan Kaye and Ryan Cracknell. Dave Randall and Nick Codron opened with the ball. 5 runs came off Randall's opening 2 balls, but his 3rd proved decisive as Cracknell clipped the ball onto his stumps. Tom Harper came in and they pushed the score on nicely until Jordan was caught by Jonny Paul for 10 during Nick Codron's 3rd over. Crooked Bat now 27 for 2 off 6 overs. Paul Kaye came in as debutant Rubin was give the ball. Nick Codron dropped a catch from Kaye when he was on 2, which could have proved to be decisive. Rubin then picked up his first wicket bowling Harper for 11. Crooked Bat now 29 for 3. Captain McIntyre came in to join Paul Kaye as Richard Codron was given the ball. An expensive first over from the top seed with 11 runs given away, but Peter Codron persevered with his brother and Dave Rubin and it paid off, with Rubin catching a high lofted shot by McIntyre to long-on.

Marcus Bechal came in and was soon caught by Nick Codron off his dad's ball. Crooked Bat were now in a bit of trouble at 47 for 5. Paul Kaye dug in and duly reached retirement and was then replaced by Kristen Jones. Jonny Paul had the ball and with his 2nd produced a very short bouncer that deceived Jones and the stumps were hit. Nigel Codron came in as Will Farrell was given the ball. His impressive fast deliveries were causing trouble and also a bit of concern as Hat captain Codron told him to "cool down the pace". It didn't make much difference as 2 balls later he hit Nigel on his glove causing a bad bruise on his thumb. Nigel Codron continued but was soon bowled by Farrell for 1. Nigel found out later that he had a hairline fracture of his thumb.

Adie Hardy and Julian Holder were now fighting for Crooked Bat with the score on 69 for 7. Louis Jones and Dotan Cohen had a couple of overs as the score moved onto 77. Captain Peter Codron came in with the ball and gave away 4 off his first over. Dan Graham was given the ball as the score moved onto 83. Codron then teased Hardy with an in-swinger and he was caught by Nick Codron for 3. Sean Myatt came in and was bowled by Codron for a duck. Crooked Bat now 83 for 9 with 21 balls remaining. Rain had been forecast late in the day, so as the distant lightning and thunder moved ever closer, the returning Kaye hit Codron for 7 off his last 2 deliveries, preventing a hat-trick and costing Codron his MVP place. Kaye then hit 5 off Graham's first 2 balls. Crooked Bat now needing 29 to win with 16 balls left. Julian Holder was now facing Graham and he sliced a top edge towards 3rd slip where Peter Codron was running in to stoop down low with a wonderful singled handed catch to win the match. In a tense finish, Crooked Bat were all out for 96.

Innings of Crooked Bat - 96 all out off 22.3 overs

J Kaye Caught J Paul Nick Codron 10
R Cracknell Bowled D Randall 4
T Harper Bowled D Rubin 11
P Kaye Retired   37
R McIntyre Caught D Rubin R Codron 4
M Bechal Caught N Codron R Codron 0
K Jones Bowled J Paul 0
Nigel Codron Bowled W Farrell 1
J Holder Caught P Codron D Graham 6
A Hardy Caught N Codron P Codron 3
S Myatt Bowled P Codron 0
Extras     20
Total     96

2014 Match Report