Another wonderful day was had by all in this years' match. It was looking very likely that the game would be cancelled due to the poor weather that had engulfed London over the past 6 weeks and indeed only given the green light 48 hours before the game. Despite the sunny conditions and 25c heat, the pitch was soft with a slow outfield making runs a premium. A good turnout made for a great day and hopefully a close match. Hat Smashers captain, Dan Graham, won the toss and elected to bat.

K Jones and J Reid opened for Smashers with R McIntyre opening the bowling for the Hat. 1 came off the first tight over and then R Cracknell came in to bowl his first ball of the day, which got an inside edge to hit the stumps and K Jones was out for 1. J Kaye came in and formed a solid partnership with Reid, who looked comfortable picking up singles and a few boundaries. McIntyre continued his impressive bowling but no wicket came as the score moved along nicely. Reid reached retirement with a fine boundary and was replaced by Cutts. McIntyre and Cracknell continued to bowl without success, so Hat captain Peter Codron came in to bowl with L Jones. Codron looked out of sorts giving away 24 runs off his first 3 overs. Fortunately L Jones looked like he got his line correct and quickly got Cutts out caught by Cracknell. Dembina came in and after a couple of good balls from Jones, confusion rained as Dembina went for a quick single only for J Kaye to delay his run until it was too late, Codron picking up the ball and throwing it to Chapman who in turn took the bails off with Kaye 5 feet from home. Smashers now 52 for 3 off 12 overs.

Holder came in to partner Dembina as Codron introduced Cohen and McManus with the bowling. Cohen's first bowl got Dembina out with a deceptive ball to off stump and was replaced by Graham. Holder and Graham got into a good rhythm and started picking up quick singles. P Codron put in Glassberg and E Codron to bowl, but both found it difficult to penetrate. McManus came in for another over which saw Graham hit a couple of 6's off full tosses and he reached retirement. Cohen left the field of play to attend to his little boy, Kaye came onto the field as the extra fielder. Marshall came in to partner Holder and on his first ball from McManus hit a short one to mid on where Kaye stood. Almost reluctantly he caught the ball and Marshall was out. Smashers now 98 for 5 off 18 overs.

Myatt, looking pretty nervous, came in to partner Holder. Codron reintroduced L Jones and soon enough Holder was caught by McManus. 100 for 6. Reid came back in and continued to pick runs off Cohen and E Codron. The final over went to Cohen with Reid going for boundaries and then mistiming a shot to see the bails flicked off on his off stump. Reid picking up his best innings of 45. Only one ball left for Graham to face and was dropped by McIntyre at mid-on. Graham finished on 27 with Myatt not out 1. Hat Smashers finished on 120 for 7 off 25 overs with L Jones picking up 3 wickets. Not a massive total to reach. Could Magic Hat respond?

Magic Hat needed 4.84 runs per over and seemed confident. McIntyre and Codron opened for the Hat with Kaye and Marshall opening the bowling. Hat started slowly and picked up a few singles. Marshall was a bit erratic but Kaye impressed with a maiden. Holder and Reid came into bowl, but Codron and McIntyre looked in control. Codron then went for a big hit off a short ball from Reid only to see it pitch up and over his bat and onto the stumps. Gutted Codron walked for 3 runs. E Codron came in and was soon bowled for 1 by Holder. Hat now 15 for 2 off 6 overs. Cohen came in to partner McIntyre as Hat pushed on. Dembina and Cutts came into bowl and runs were still hard to find for the Hat. Cutts getting a maiden and on his 2nd over saw a short delivery hit straight to Reid who caught McIntyre for 9. Hat now 31 for 3.

Glassberg came in to partner Cohen but was quickly removed by Myatt with an in swinger caught by Marshall at mid wicket. Cracknell came in to partner Cohen and they pushed the score onto 54, but this came to an end when Marshall bowled Cohen for 11 and the Hat were 54 for 5 off 14 overs. 2 tight overs from wicket keeper K Jones kept the score low as Graham came into bowl. On his fifth ball he bowled McManus for 2. Next ball saw Chapman, looking decidedly off colour, bowled for a duck. Hat now really in trouble on 59 for 7 off 17 overs. In came L Jones for the last stand with Cracknell, needing 62 to win off 8 overs. They picked up 5 runs off Kaye and then Graham came to bowl his 2nd over. On his last ball, a high leg spinner saw Jones's stumps fly and Magic Hat finished on 68 for 8 off 19 overs.

Dan Graham picked up the MVP award having scored an impressive 134 coefficient points, which takes him to over 1000!. The MUP award, surprisingly, went to Hat captain P Codron who's disappointing bowling and batting saw him score -7 points. Credit goes to all the Smashers' bowlers who put in a great performance. Indeed 6 of them giving away just 25 runs off 13 overs. The Hat's total of 68 was the 4th lowest of all time and in case you were wondering, this years' match saw the team batting first, go on to win for the 5th time in 7 years. Overall though it is 50/50. The average overall innings total is now 113 for 7 off 22 overs.

Below are all the players' coefficient points scored:
Louis Jones 94
Dotan Cohen 50
Ryan Cracknell 4
James McManus 20
Rowan McIntyre 19
Stuart Chapman 8
Edward Codron 1
Jonny Glassberg 1
Peter Codron -7
Total Magic Hat 226

Dan Graham 134
John Reid 97
Julian Holder 53
Jordan Kaye 47
Adam Cutts 46
Sean Myatt 33
Tommy Marshall 25
Kristen Jones 13
Andrew Dembina 2
Total Hat Smashers 450
Hat Smashers v Magic Hat CC
2012 Match Report