Tragic Bat won the toss and elected to bat.


Magic Hat - John Reid, Peter Codron, Nigel Codron, Jordan Kaye, Dotan Cohen, Pat Davies, Stuart Chapman, Nick Codron, Edward Codron, Neil Franklin, Ryan Cracknell. Team Coefficient: 2161 pts

Tragic Bat - Dan Graham, John Hart, Louis Jones, Jonny Paul, Tommy Marshall, Julian Holder, Rowan McIntyre, Adam Cutts, Jack Weatherly, Duncan Bayliss, Joe Franklin. Team Coefficient: 2311 pts

Another amazing day on Hampstead Heath with a top quality game paired with a warm sunny day, it couldn't have been better. A great turnout saw a full compliment of 11 v 11 and plenty of spectators too. McIntyre and Graham opened for Tragic Bat with Davies opening the bowling from the pavilion end. It started well for Tragic with McIntyre hitting the first ball for 4 at square leg off a full toss, but Davies quickly responded finding good line and length and only conceded another single. P Codron followed Davies with the ball and saw Graham hit him for boundaries with a couple of loose balls. 13 runs off 2 overs. Davies followed up with 2 maiden overs, but P Codron was still not in the zone with 11 runs conceded from his next 11 balls. But then the breakthrough on his last ball of the over saw Graham hooking high to long on where N Franklin took a super catch and he was out for 7. Tragic 26 for 1 off 6.

In came Hart against Davies and he stood up well from some nice tight bowling, but a quick single and then a 4 from McIntyre, who was looking confident, was quickly followed with another boundary off new bowler Reid. This pushed the score onto 40 for 1 off 8 overs. Reid then produced a teasing ball that caught Hart unawares on his leg side and he was bowled for 6. Debutant Weatherley entered the fray and P Codron brought on Kaye and he responded with just 2 off his first over. McIntyre continued well and there was no surprise to see him reach 25 and retirement. He was replaced by Jones. Better was to come for Kaye when in his 2nd over, a short delivery saw Weatherley push one into the air and Kaye himself took the catch. 50 for 3 off 11 overs. Kaye followed this up with a maiden over.

Marshall and Jones dug in with more changes with the ball as Nigel Codron and Cohen failed to break the new batsmen down and they started to form a quick partnership. Indeed shot of the day has to go to Marshall with super hook towards long off from Cohen for 6. Jones and Marshall picked up some quick runs with good shots for 4 and even N Franklin could stop the tide of runs with 9 coming off his debut over. Magic had their chances though with Reid once and Kaye twice dropping catches. Jones looked fairly comfortable reaching 27 in no time and walked back proudly after his first ever retirement. Tragic now 99 for 3 with 6 overs to go. P Codron was a little anxious, but he knew that Tragic's run rate was not too high.

Late arrival Nick Codron had a couple of overs and looked on the case as Kaye caught Bayliss out for 4. P Codron thought Cracknell should have a go. Marshall on 16 went for another 4 but was caught by Davies. In came Cutts, but he was undone by another powerful ball from Cracknell and Cutts walked for a golden duck. J Franklin came in and survived two balls only to be bowled by Cracknell again to pick up a magnificent 3 wicket maiden. Amazing over and what damage would that do to Tragic's confidence? Paul entered the crease and looked shaky and after E Codron had his over, P Codron came back to bowl his final over and picked up the wicket of Holder, bowling him for 1. 3 balls left and McIntyre returned but didn't score. Tragic Bat finished on 110 for 8 off 25 overs (4.40 run rate)

So Magic Hat started their innings chasing the Nelson 111 to win. P Codron put Chapman and Reid into bat and Tragic opened with Paul and Weatherley. It proved costly as Magic pilled on early runs with Reid getting 5 boundaries and Chapman pushing singles to move the score quickly onto 25 after 3 overs. McIntyre & Hart took the ball and found some good line, but Reid was still in no mood to slow down, quickly reaching retirement impressively and was replaced by P Codron. Codron survived an early scare from McIntyre with a possible nick to wicket keeper Bayliss, but was given the benefit of the doubt. He made up for it though with some lovely sweeping shots against Graham & Holder and whilst Chapman continued to score singles, Codron move onto 25 and his retirement. Magic looking strong now at 65 without loss off 12 overs.

Davies came in to partner Chapman and Tragic brought on Jones and Marshall. On Jones's last ball of his over he caught Davies for 2 and he was replaced by Nigel Codron. That wicket was the 200th of all time. Marshall and Jones really dug deep and produced some fine consistent line pegging Magic Hat back and when Jones bowled Chapman for 14, the tide was turning with Magic Hat now 88 for 2 off 18 overs.

Nick Codron came in to bat whilst Peter Codron was becoming frustrated at his teams' slow run rate. Hart came back to bowl out Nigel Codron for 3 with Magic on 98. Kaye came in to bat and looked comfortable with Nick Codron. Magic Hat now needed 13 off 24 deliveries. Marshall produced a few wides and when Graham came back to bowl over 23, Magic Hat needed just 8 to win. His first 4 balls only gave away 2 runs, but then Kaye hit 2 superb boundaries to wrap up the victory with 12 balls to spare. Magic Hat finished on 113 for 3 off 23 overs (4.91 run rate)

So Magic Hat become the 2nd team to win when batting second in the past 6 years and that last expensive over from Graham cost him top seed spot. Only 11 wickets fell on the day, the 2nd lowest in 10 years. A big thank you to everyone that made it down to play and also the hundreds of spectators too! We hope to see you all again next year!

Players Coefficient Scores:

Ryan Cracknell 126
Louis Jones 95
Peter Codron 82
Jordan Kaye 70
John Reid 61
Nick Codron 54
Rowan McIntyre 44
Pat Davies 38
Stuart Chapman 25
John Hart / Tommy Marshall 21
Edward Codron 11
Neil Franklin 9
Nigel Codron 8
Dotan Cohen / Duncan Bayliss 7
Daniel Graham 4
Adam Cutts / Jack Weatherley 3
Joe Franklin 1
Jonny Paul 0
Julian Holder -3
2011 Match Report
Tragic Bat v Magic Hat CC