Once again, the Magic Hat crew showed us why they provide such entertaining matches despite only playing once a year!

This game was no exception with a fantastic turnout of 22 players for the first time ever. The weather was good although overcast, it remained dry at a comfortable 22C. Having won the toss and elected to field, the "Unbeatables" launched into their opponents (the Untouchables) and on the very first ball of the innings, Pank bowled Hardy with a fast paced yorker onto the leg stump. In came Graham to partner Kaye and the pair set about digging in and building a respectable stand.

The Untouchables however had other ideas. Debutant Ball, playing in his first match for 15 years, bowled with extra pace and extreme inaccuracy and ending up with a full toss heading for Graham's mid rift. Graham had no alternative but to hit it. But to his misfortune, a nasty top edge and the ball cracked onto his forehead just above his right eye. Never before had an injury like this occurred during a Magic Hat match, but it had to happen sometime. Off Graham went to the local hospital, retired hurt. Hart came in and formed an excellent partner for Kaye, still to get into his stride. They racked up a nice 35 before Kaye was caught for 13.

Hart stuck it out with a few other batsmen; Glazer a disappointing 4, Dembina making his long awaited debut was out for a golden duck and Bronks who threatened but never delivered, was out for a single. These 3 batsmen all fell to the power of Sewell. A remarkable hat-trick with his medium spin deliveries causing havoc for the opposition. He is now considered to be one of the top bowlers around. Kaye Jnr scored a quick 3 before being cruelly stumped whilst struggling to make it to the other wicket.

64 for 7 with only 6 overs left and not looking good but Hart was still there and he was joined by another debutant, Chapman, who surprisingly got on with cranking up the score with some big hits and quick singles. The score pushed on to 87 then Hart was bowled by Dembina for 23. Hardy came back in due to Grahams' absence and notched up a quick fire 12 before being bowled with the penultimate ball of the innings by Codron. Greig came in for the last ball, leaving Chapman not out 21.

Total: 104 for 8 off 25 overs

So 105 to win for the Unbeatables. Pank and Paul opened facing the fast paced Kaye and Medium Hart. 8 off the first over then Kaye bowled Paul for a duck. Ball came in at No.3 scored 5 before being caught by wicket keeper Chapman, from another good delivery from Kaye. 28 for 2.

Reid came in to partner Pank. Surely the total would be increased with these 2 at the crease! Shot of the day by Pank, a super sweeping hook shot for 4 keeps the Unbeatables on target.

But wait, Pank is clean bowled by Hart and suddenly the pressure is back on. Ross came in, got a quick single before he too faced the wrath of Kaye, bowled. Damian Jones making his debut scored an impressive 13 before Reid was caught by Glazer offering Kaye Jnr his first ever wicket! Suddenly out of nowhere, Graham returns to the outfield with Holder accompanying him. Graham bowls Jones out from his first ball and the Unbeatables are now looking worried at 53 for 6.

Holder enters the frey with Freedman, who quickly returns to the pavilion for 1. Holder digs in and is accompanied at the crease by Codron, last year out first ball. This year he needed to prove to himself that he can still bat under pressure...........Oh dear, Graham bowls him out second ball and the score is 76 for 8. Shocking. Sewell, not known for his batting prowess, held his nerve while Holder picked up the runs. But then Holder is caught by Hart for 20. 91 for 9.

A man short, Codron gets the nod to come in for the last stand with Sewell. Hardy fancies finishing off the job, but Codron and Sewell keep it tight. A single, then 2 runs, a few wides and now it's very close! 102 for 9 off 21 overs. Hardy keeps the line and length tight and Codron looking noticeably twitchy hangs in there. Then off the last ball of the over, Codron cracks a low cover drive for 4 and the Untouchables have done it!

Total: 107 for 9 off 22 overs

Result: Unbeatables win by 1 wicket - Next Match: Sunday 24 July 2005
2004 Match Report
Untouchables v Unbeatables